Comprehensive Reserve Studies

The Condominium and Cooperative Property Experts

On-Site Professional Engineer Inspected

Detailed component condition and replacement cost of the most advanced mechanical, plumbing, heating, electrical and structural systems.

Cutting Edge Report Technology

Online password protected access to the most advanced reserve study reports in the industry. Developer, Board Member and Property Manager addition and removal provided directly through provisioned access. View, share, provision and collaborate with industry stakeholders and managers in an instant.

Expertly Constructed Financial Funding Plans

Customized funding plans are uniquely crafted to ensure accurate capital funding needs planning


Lending Compliance Analysis

Our unique Lender Analysis section provides a detailed structural and mechanical condition analysis tailored to lender mortgage review guidelines. Reporting on special assessments, capital balances and financial management ensures that lending decisions can be made accurately and quickly.



Strategic Inspections has provided thousands of reserve studies nationally since it launched in 2008.

The Reserve Study Report

Clear, Concise and Accurate

  • On-Line Access
  • Lender View
  • Deferred Maintenance Assessment
  • Complete Component Inventory
  • Detailed Charts and Tables
  • Collaborative Funding Plan
  • Structural, Mechanical, and Amenity Analysis
  • Component and Site Photos
  • 30-Year Horizon

Financial Review

Comprehensive Financial Assessment

  • Capital Analysis
  • Expenditures
  • Cash Flow
  • Inflation Factor
  • Interest Earned on Capital
  • Project Optimization

Repair and Project Planning

Planning for Capital Disbursement

  • Cost Analysis
  • Existing Capital Analysis
  • Project and Scope Analysis
  • Local Law Alignment
  • Capital Management
  • Future Reserve Implications
  • Special Assessment Evaluation

Property Developers

Keys to Establishing Accurate Capital Reserves

  • Site Inspection Not Required
  • New Condo Analysis
  • Construction Plan Review
  • Component Analysis
  • Split Reserve Study for Multi-Occupancy Analysis
  • New Component Expertise
  • Reserve Budget Creation
  • Provided Nationally

Lending Compliance

Structural, Mechanical and Financially Focused

  • Lender View for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
  • Updated Guideline Compliance Reporting
  • Special Assessment Outline
  • Project Approval Utilization
  • Fannie Mae PERS Alignment
  • Lending Eligibility Utilization
  • “Unavailable List” Reconsideration
  • Nationally Recognized Expertise


Innovative and Groundbreaking Reserve Reports

  • Secure Online Access
  • Password Protected
  • Long-term Report Access
  • Board Transition Ease
  • Instant Component Data Access
  • Easily Updated
  • Superior Financial Modeling

New Lender Property Analysis Launched

Clear and detailed condition and financial reporting for the lending professional. Provided for established and new construction condo properties and cooperative buildings.

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Deferred Maintenance Discovery
  • Structural Analysis
  • Mechanical Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Special Assessment Outline
  • Residential Mortgage Compliance
  • Underlying Mortgage Compliance

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Can a reserve study help our board provide answers for lender questionnaires?

Strategic Inspections provides a customized “Lender View” section in every reserve study report that answers all the questions regarding mechanical and structural condition, special assessments, and deferred maintenance that are asked on condo questionnaires. Our report is routinely utilized to limit board member, developer, and property manager liability.

Our condo building has a large capital reserve account. Can a reserve study utilize those funds to reduce a reserve contribution?

Our unique reserve funding plan utilizes all amassed reserve capital and determines yearly reserve requirements by taking component cost, condition and replacement into account when determining these reserve contributions.


Will a reserve study provide us with an inventory of all components in the property?

A reserve study provides an inventory, remaining useful life, condition assessment and cost for every common area component in the property.

Can a reserve study be utilized to reduce a lender required 10% reserve line item?

If a reserve study prescribes a reserve funding amount of less than 10% of a condo/co-op operating budget then it can be utilized in lieu of the 10% line-item requirement. There are unique lending guidelines for each lending agency.
• Fannie Mae requires that a reserve study prescribing less than 10% can only be accepted if the condo/co-op applies for a global PERS approval.
• Freddie Mac and FHA allow reserve studies to be reviewed and accepted by lenders directly.
• Portfolio lenders often accept reserve studies on both new and established condo/co-op properties.
• New condo properties can utilize a reserve study for portfolio, FHA and Freddie Mac mortgage lending compliance.

Can a reserve study be performed on a cooperative building?

Yes. Reserve studies are routinely performed on co-op properties by Strategic Inspections. We understand the nuances of cooperative legal structures, underlying mortgages and lines of credit and include a summary of each in our reserve study report.


What building components are inspected and included in a reserve study report?

All common area components are inspected and included in a reserve study report. These include, but are not limited to, all mechanical components, roof, exterior, hallways, elevators, lobbies, and windows.


I’m a developer of a new condo property. Can a reserve study help me create an initial operating budget?

Reserve Studies are utilized extensively in new construction condominium properties. The Strategic Inspections team is expertly experienced in providing reserve studies from construction plans and helping developers create the appropriate budget reserve contribution utilizing all component warranties and most recent manufacturers useful life tables.


What input to the reserve study does a condo/co-op board have?

We welcome, and encourage, input from condo/co-op board members. Our team is available pre-inspection to discuss any problem areas, plans for component updates and funding issues. Post inspection the Strategic Inspections team delivers a draft reserve study report and schedules a funding plan call so that board members are completely aware of the future capital needs, but more importantly, planning the appropriate capital contributions to meet those needs.


Can a reserve study be performed on a condo/co-op property that has a commercial or rental component?

We’re the experts in condo/co-op properties that include commercial or rental space. Our “Split” Reserve Study product is utilized to determine component costs for the condominium only, general common elements and commercial only elements to ensure that the appropriate capital is being drawn from the right organization.


Can you do a reserve study on a newly constructed condominium development?

Yes. And similar to a development which has not yet been built, since the development’s components will be brand new, it can also help save the developer tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the first few years of sales when the developer is responsible for the common charges of unsold units by reducing the 10% reserve fund line-item requirement for purchasers’ unit financing, and will assist the development when it seeks such financing approval from the FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and portfolio lenders.


Can I access my reserve study report online?

The Strategic Inspections reserve study report can be accessed online through a condo/co-op password protected portal. The Strategic Inspections reserve study report is powered by HomeRun IQ, the most highly advanced software system available for reserve study reporting.