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Reserve Study Pre-Determination

Find out your estimated reserve contribution before you order a reserve study!

One of our most requested products, the reserve study pre-determination, has been utilized by hundreds of developers and community associations to determine the approximate result of a reserve study prior to ordering it. The engineering team at Strategic Inspections has performed thousands of reserve studies on new construction condo developments and based on that extensive experience, we’re comfortable giving you a quick look at the benefit of a reserve study.

By completing a very short questionnaire, our team can provide you an approximate range a reserve study will come at prior to being hired! Once used as a tool only available to our biggest clients, we’ve now made it available for everyone!

Find out if you can reduce a 10% reserve contribution just by answering a few questions!

The Strategic Inspections Reserve Study Report

Developed by the nation’s leading Professional Engineers, our reserve study report is nationally recognized and accepted on both new and established communities.

Our customized report establishes accurate component costs and outlines a clear funding plan for future repair and replacement. Whether we’re inspecting a property or performing a reserve study from architectural plans, our detailed analysis will provide a clear and custom path for reserve funding.

Fannie Mae CompliantFreddie Mac Compliant FHA Compliant Lender Compliant

The Reserve Study Report

  • 30 Year Horizon
  • Funding Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed Charts and Tables
  • Building Evaluation Report
  • Reserve Contribution Outline
  • Detailed Site Photos

Common Element Inspection

  • Structure
  • Exterior
  • Roads
  • Roof
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Electrical Components
  • Plumbing Components
  • Interior Amenities

Financial Review

  • Expenditure Analysis
  • Capital Analysis
  • Cash Flow Table
  • Interest Calculation
  • Component Inflation

Repair and Project Planning

  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Analysis
  • Scope Review
  • Capital Management
  • Budgeting

Our Reserve Study Products

The custom reserve study products created by Strategic Inspections have been accepted by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FHA and the nation’s most active mortgage lenders. Our reports comply with the AICPA, they are completed to the highest industry standards and adhere to the most strict compliance regulations set forth by national mortgage agencies.


Established Community

  • Establishing Baseline Funding
  • Existing Cash Reserve Utilization
  • Project Planning
  • Association Lending Compliant
  • Accurate Reserve Contributions

New Development

  • Reserve Requirement Reduction
  • Fannie Mae/FHA Accepted
  • Establishing Accurate Reserve
    Extended Component Life

Under Construction

  • Plan Review
  • Limited Site Inspection
  • State Compliant
  • Lender Compliant

Commercial/Residential Split

  • Costs Segregated
  • Accurate Reserve Funding
  • Shared Amenity Split

COMPANY PROFILE Capital Reserve StudiesForensic EngineeringFEMA Flood Map RevisionNoise Studies Strategic Inspections, LLC, opened in 2008 and since that time has become the industry leader in providing solution-based engineering services for condominium, cooperative and commercial properties.

Customer Service-Meeting Deadlines-Reducing Costs

Our primary goal is to provide our residential and commercial clients with unsurpassed customer service when providing any of our engineering and inspection services.

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The staff at Strategic Inspections is dedicated to providing thorough inspections that exceed industry norms. We continually invest in the education of our staff so that we’re aware of the most up to date information about the newest components being utilized in construction. Our infrastructure is constantly being upgraded so that our clients get the most accurate inspection reports.

Compliant-Accurate-Industry Leaders

We’re hired because we provide the most compliant, accurate and globally accepted products available. Our team is constantly updating our reports so that they meet and exceed standard industry guidelines.

Reserve Studies

Our expertise in providing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and lender compliant reserve study reports has helped our clients secure lending approval and align reserve contributions for condominium and cooperative developments across the country. We customize each report to our clients’ needs so that reserve funding is accurate, planned, accepted and beneficial.

Forensic Engineering

Professional Engineers on our forensic engineering team have unsurpassed experience in structural, mechanical and architectural engineering. This enables us to provide accurate damage and replacement cost assessments for our clients. We inspect properties across the United States and can put a team on-site within days of a natural disaster.

FEMA Flood Map Revision

Properties that are placed into FEMA flood zones are often inaccurately included. Flood insurance costs are based upon a property’s inclusion into FEMA’s flood zone. Eligible residential and commercial properties can be removed from FEMA’s flood maps resulting in greatly reduced insurance costs.

Noise Studies

New construction condominium developments seeking FHA lending approval that are located within specific trigger areas are mandated to obtain a noise study to determine acceptable decibel levels for approval. Our acoustic engineers are trained in accurately assessing OITC noise attenuation.

Mortgage Lending and Reserve Requirements

The nation’s largest mortgage insurers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and the VA, require reserve compliance for mortgage lending to be available within condominium developments.

Two options exist:

Option 1: Communities must add a yearly 10% reserve line item to the association/condominium budget or;

Option 2: A reserve study may be performed and the prescribed amount must be added as a line item to the yearly budget. Contact us for a pre-determination to ascertain if a reserve study can reduce the 10% reserve requirement.


Compliant With:

Fannie Mae Lending Requirements

Freddie Mac Lending Requirements

FHA Lending Requirements

VA Lending Requirements

Association Lending Requirements

Debt Service Planning

Association Lending Compliant

Custom Funding Plan


Community associations that need lines of credit and/or an association loan should start by getting compliant with a Strategic Inspections’ reserve study. We’re experts in project management, component replacement cost, future component cost and establishing reserve funding that works for the community. In fact, many communities that obtain association loans utilize the Strategic Inspections custom reserve study report to accurately reserve for the future repair and replacement of components while diverting all overfunding to debt service.

Are you seeking an association loan? Find out why Strategic Inspections is chosen to provide a reserve study prior to applying for a mortgage. A Strategic Inspections' reserve study can make approval and servicing debt much easier.

Forensic Engineering

The Strategic Inspections forensic engineering team inspects commercial and residential properties to determine damage from natural disasters, storms and construction defects. Our Professional Engineers can be on the ground inspecting properties at a moments notice. Call us or just click on the Proposal Request button below to get an immediate consultation and schedule an inspection.

Inspecting and Mitigation Reporting

Structural Collapse | Water Infiltration | Mechanical Failures | Storm Damage (hurricane, tornado, hail)

Engineering Disciplines

Cause & Origin | Civil Engineering  | Structural Engineering 

Damage Evaluation Experience

Roof Inspections  | Construction Defects |Soil Failure | Foundation Failures | Construction Vibration| Mold Remediation Protocols Design | Air Quality Analysis |

Property Loss Inspection

Failure Analysis

Disaster Area Expertise

National Coverage


No. FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and most portfolio lenders will accept the recommendations of a qualified reserve study in lieu of requiring the 10% contribution. You should take care to ensure your provider has experience producing and receiving acceptance of agency compliant reports and understand their unique requirements.
Although it depends on the size and scope of the particular type of report, in most cases Strategic Inspections can produce a draft report for review within 15-30 days from being hired. However, if agency or regulatory deadlines require a faster delivery timeframe we are always eager to work with your timelines as best as possible.
Yes, a reserve study that meets Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA standards is acceptable for all lenders that utilize these agencies. In addition, compliant reserve studies are also utilized by jumbo and portfolio mortgage lenders. Typically, a reserve study is provided to a lending organization by a developer or community association to outline actual reserve needs instead of the arbitrary 10% agency and lender requirement for reserves.
An association loan will have major ramifications for a reserve study, and in fact a reserve study is often a tremendous companion whenever the association seeks something like a repair loan. A reserve study can take into account the amount of money being borrowed as well as the planned capital improvements. As a result, it can dramatically lower the annual reserve funding contributions required either by your repair loan lender or the 10% requirement for agency-backed unit financing over the 30-year horizon of the study.
Yes, as part of the reserve study process, a site-inspection is generally performed to determine an actual remaining useful life for capital components rather than relying strictly on their age and estimated useful life. During this visual inspection and based on repair and replacement records, the reserve study will be able to reflect not only any repair or replacement work done, but also the care and maintenance by the community on those components. By extending the remaining useful lives of these items through repair and replacement, their long term replacement costs are reduced along with the overall required annual contributions.
A reserve study is often a tremendous companion to any rehab project, as it effectively gives the association credit for their maintenance work and reduces their future annual reserve contribution requirements based on the work performed. By providing detailed plans, including drawings, schematics, rehab or product warranties, and any other information relevant to the rehab, a reserve study can take into account the upcoming changes to the condominium and produce a new post-rehab 30-year funding plan. Typically association reserve requirements are substantially reduced by the extension to all the repaired or replaced items’ remaining useful lives.
Similar to a rehab project, a new reserve study or update to an existing one is often a tremendous companion to any expansion or upgrade projects, as it will help the association plan for the long term maintenance of those additions in a new 30-year funding plan. By providing detailed plans, including drawings, schematics, rehab or product warranties, and any other information relevant to the additions, a reserve study can take into account the upcoming additions to the project and ensure that future budgets are setting aside adequate funds to prevent or mitigate the need for special assessments.
Yes, a reserve study will always take into account current reserve account balances and adjust future contribution requirements accordingly. So if you’re development has been contributing 10% annually over the past several years and has spent very little of it, that starting balance will be reflected within the 30-year funding plan. In some cases, huge cash reserves have been built and the only way to recognize their efficacy and usefulness to the development is to perform a reserve study and outline the effect of that cash over a 30 year horizon. In almost every instance where large reserves have been built up the reserve contribution prescribed by the reserve study is reduced drastically or eliminated entirely.
Yes, Strategic Inspections has pioneered its own Pre-Construction Reserve Study product to address this very need. By providing detailed plans, including drawings, schematics, product warranties, and any other information relevant to the project, we can produce a reserve study based entirely off of plans. Having a reserve study performed prior to construction provides a tremendous benefit to developers. It outlines the reserve requirements for the site which helps in crafting initial budgets and common charge assessment amounts. And since the development’s components will be brand new, it can also help save the developer tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the first few years of sales when the developer is responsible for the common charges of unsold units by reducing the 10% reserve fund line-item requirement for purchasers’ unit financing, and will assist the development when it seeks such financing approval from the FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and portfolio lenders.
Yes. And similar to a development which has not yet been built, since the development’s components will be brand new, it can also help save the developer tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the first few years of sales when the developer is responsible for the common charges of unsold units by reducing the 10% reserve fund line-item requirement for purchasers’ unit financing, and will assist the development when it seeks such financing approval from the FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and portfolio lenders.
Yes. A Cooperative development can benefit from a reserve study for all the same reasons as a condominium, including as a budgetary tool and to potentially reduce the need for annual reserve contributions as high as 10% of the cooperative’s budget.