Energy Reports

AECOM is working in tandem with Strategic Inspections (SI) to offer decarbonization consulting services to Strategic Inspections’ enterprise-scale clients, thereby offering SI clients more than
one-off singular property energy studies but rather a planning and action regime enabling organizations to put in place a holistic strategy demonstrating an enterprise approach to reducing
carbon emissions from within owned and managed buildings.

Working with AECOM
AECOM is a Fortune 500 firm, traded on the NYSE as ACM, working across a global geography, committed to and focused upon the New York City metro area – operating from 125 Broad Street, Manhattan and other NYC/Northern NJ metro area offices.

As the world’s most trusted infrastructure consulting firm, we’re committed to managing our business with the upmost responsibility and to always strive for better – reducing emissions, creating social value, and diversifying our senior leadership and workforce.

AECOM will perform an energy study to determine the most practical path to reducing a building’s Local Law 97 liability.

AECOM Local Law 97 Calculator
AECOM has developed a proprietary Local Law 97 calculator to identify a building’s future financial liability associated with the law’s carbon limit metrics, based upon energy use and cost data sourced from annual Local Law 84 reporting.

NYSERDA Cost Sharing
AECOM leverages the NYSERDA’s multi-family residential property Low Carbon Capital Planning program to apply for cost sharing incentives that help underwrite part of the cost of a Local Law 97 energy study.

Leveraging an Energy Study with Local Law 87 Compliance
AECOM is qualified to perform Local Law 87 compliance services and will leverage the overlapping elements of a LL97 study with LL87 compliance requirements. If a property is within two years of its LL87 compliance date it’s practical to perform both reports in concert, employing the overlapping information for both reports.

A Vertically Integrated Services Firm
AECOM is a vertically integrated services firm, structured to provide additional support services that can take any project, following an initial energy study, from design through construction, including support to apply for financial incentives that can help underwrite select project costs