Strategic Inspections Releases the

LENDER VIEW Reserve Study Report

Strategic Inspections provides nationwide Reserve Study reports for condo and co-op properties. Our inspectors and engineers expertly determine component condition and the remaining useful life of building components so that boards and managers can adequately plan for capital needs.

With our new “Lender View” reports we provide and easy to understand property financial analysis and component inventory for owners, managers and lenders.


Properties are inspected by experts in structural and mechanical components and boards and managers are provided with user-friendly, password protected online access to ensure easy collaboration and management of repair and maintenance costs.


Newly released Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lending guidelines require detailed condition assessment and financial reporting. Our new “Lender View” report clearly provides a detailed infrastructure and financial analysis to ensure compliance with lending requirements.


Strategic Inspections has unique experience with national and local regulatory requirements. Our experts craft our reserve study reports utilizing local law requirements.


Our knowledgeable team works with board members and managers to customize each report with the needs of the community in mind.


Powered by HomerunIQ, the most comprehensive reserve study software available, our online reports provide immediate access to the information managers and boards need to create yearly budgets and determine future capital needs.

“This new Reserve Study report for condo and co-op properties is game-changing. Boards and managers now have an immediate solution to providing detailed and accurate structural and financial condition reports to lenders.”

– Orest Tomaselli, CEO