New Construction Condominium Reserve Studies

Condo properties under construction and newly constructed condominium properties require accurate reserve projections for the creation of operating budgets.

Strategic Inspections provides unique reserve studies performed from the review and analysis of construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans.

Our expert new construction team determines the life span of components and crafts an accurate reserve funding prescription for newly created operating budgets.

Our studies are utilized nationally to ensure mortgage financing availability for unit purchasers through accurate, not arbitrary reserve funding methodology.

New York Only: Our working capital split funding plan utilizes capital contributions at closing made by purchasers to fund the reserve early and abundantly. Ask about this customized reserve study report!


  • Proposal Request
  • Developer Conference
  • Questionnaire Completion
  • Architectural and Construction Plan Review
  • Draft Reserve Study Delivery Conference
  • Funding Plan Alignment
  • Final Report Delivery


Our expert plan reviewers work closely with the legal, management, development and sales team to create an accurate reserve prescription for condo operational budgets. We focus on ensuring that capital contributions are clearly outlined and utilized to accurately outline reserve funding requirements.