Noise Studies

A noise study is an evaluation report of a the decibel level a property is subject to, measured internally and externally. Calculations for determining decibel level are made by obtaining empirical data from railroad, highway and airport agencies.
New construction condominium developments seeking FHA approval are required to be compliant with noise standards issued by the agency.


Potential noise issues that trigger a noise study are as follows:

  • If a property is located within 1000 feet of a highway, freeway, or heavily traveled road.
  • If a property is located within 3000 feet of a railroad.
  • If a property is located within one mile of an airport.
  • If a property is located within five miles of a military airfield.
Our engineering group is fluent in FHA noise guidelines. We frequently provide noise mitigation solutions to clients so that properties can be approved for FHA financing. Reports are delivered within 7 days.
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