Condominium and Cooperative Property Reserve Studies.


Find out your estimated reserve contribution before you order a reserve study!

One of our most requested products, the reserve study pre-determination, has been utilized by hundreds of developers and community associations to determine the approximate result of a reserve study prior to ordering it. The engineering team at Strategic Inspections has performed thousands of reserve studies on new construction condo developments and based on that extensive experience, we’re comfortable giving you a quick look at the benefit of a reserve study.

By completing a very short questionnaire, our team can provide you an approximate range a reserve study will come at prior to being hired! Once used as a tool only available to our biggest clients, we’ve now made it available for everyone!

Find out if you can reduce a 10% reserve contribution just by answering a few questions!

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Strategic Inspections’ engineers have inspected, reviewed and performed reserve studies for thousands of community associations, condominiums and cooperatives across the country.

Local and regional component costs, area knowledge and on-site expertise allow us to create custom reserve studies that meet Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and lender requirements while considering the specific financial needs of the community.


The nation’s largest mortgage insurers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and the VA, require reserve compliance for mortgage lending to be available within condominium developments.

Two options exist:

Option 1: Communities must add a yearly 10% reserve line item to the association/condominium budget or;

Option 2: A reserve study may be performed and the prescribed amount must be added as a line item to the yearly budget. Contact us for a pre-determination to ascertain if a reserve study can reduce the 10% reserve requirement.

Compliant With:

  • Fannie Mae Lending Requirements
  • Freddie Mac Lending Requirements
  • FHA Lending Requirements
  • VA Lending Requirements



Community associations that need lines of credit and/or an association loan should start by getting compliant with a Strategic Inspections’ reserve study. We’re experts in project management, component replacement cost, future component cost and establishing reserve funding that works for the community. In fact, many communities that obtain association loans utilize the Strategic Inspections custom reserve study report to accurately reserve for the future repair and replacement of components while diverting all overfunding to debt service.

Are you seeking an association loan? Find out why Strategic Inspections is chosen to provide a reserve study prior to applying for a mortgage. A Strategic Inspections’ reserve study can make approval and servicing debt much easier.


Forensic Engineering
The Strategic Inspections forensic engineering team inspects commercial and residential properties to determine damage from natural disasters, storms and construction defects. Our Professional Engineers can be on the ground inspecting properties at a moments notice. Call us or just click on the Proposal Request button below to get an immediate consultation and schedule an inspection.

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Established Condominium Reserve Study

Whenever a common component fails and needs to be repaired or replaced, the cost of that repair/replacement is paid for by unit owners through an established repair and maintenance capital reserve account, borrowing funds from an established line of credit or via special assessment levied on unit owners.

Each year board members are required to ratify an operating budget that should include a capital contribution for any predicted repair or maintenance costs associated with the common components in a property.

Associations should have an established reserve account to ensure that planned repairs and maintenance costs are paid for without billing unit owners through a special assessment.

Reserve accounts are established to ensure that unit owners are not financially burdened by special assessments and to ensure that the financial budgeting necessary to ensure the financial healthy and habitability of a condo or co-op property is in place.

The Timeline

  • Proposal Request
  • Pre-Inspection Board Conference
  • Online Site Questionnaire Completion
  • On-site Inspection
  • Draft Reserve Study Delivery Conference
  • Final Report Issued
  • Yearly Update Prior to Budget Creation


A Reserve Study report is important to ensure component repair and replacement funding. It is also utilized to provide answers to questions asked on lender questionnaires and reduce board liability


COMPLIANCE Lending regulations issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require adequate reserve funding and amassed capital reserves. The Strategic Inspections condominium reserve study report outlines all required components, their condition and the cost associated with their repair and replacement so that a lender can analyze the property and determine compliance with agency and bank lending guidelines. Unique special assessment explanation and outline. The report is a key requirement for not only ensuring lending compliance but also obtaining global lending approval and proving repair completion and the absence of deferred maintenance. TECHNOLOGY Clear easy to understand reports that can be accessed online through a secure portal. We empower you to review and analyze component data in an instant and view report findings in a customized and user-friendly environment. Understanding upcoming component repair and replacement costs, planning projects and analyzing cash flow has never been easier.



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